Read what our residents and family members have to say about Windsor Palms.

“I am writing to commend your facility, on the care and knowledge of my husband. He has been a guest of your facility for three years. I am so impressed with Palm Terrace East nursing department, housekeeping and laundry. The LVNs, other nurses and CNAs are all so knowledgeable and friendly. I’m called frequently on his condition and progress.

“My husband had pneumonia twice and was sent to an acute hospital – they cured the lungs but he came back to your facility with a bedsore. I was not impressed with their care. I couldn’t waitl until he got back to your facility, Windsor Palms, where I knew he would have love, good care and attention. Every one in your facility work as a team and that is what makes a great place to place our loved one. All I can say is – Thank You, Thank you – all of John’s angels. My appreciation,”
– Betty K.

“I chose Windsor of Palms because when I went there looking for a facility to put my husband in, the presentation they showed and gave me during my visit there was very informative. It made me feel comfortable in putting him there for the type of care they explained to me he would be getting. That’s why we made the decision. It was clean, both inside and out. I really liked that about it. While he was there I appreciated them dressing him nicely in clothes I provided for him. The staff interacts with him and I see everyone being nice and attentive to him. They made it easy for me to do the paperwork. I felt very comfortable and just can’t thank them enough for what they did.”
– Artie W.

“They have taken care of my family very well. They try to keep my family member active and provide exercise for her. They work hard at it. I really admire them for that. There are people that are really trying to help in all ways.”
– David G., husband of resident, Ada G.

“This is my father’s home away from home. I have utilized this facility for respite and rehabilitation services and appreciate the fact that dad is comfortable with the staff and clients. We have tried other facilities but they have yet to provide the one on one services we require.”
– Londie L.

“My mother has been a resident for almost three years. She suffers from a rare form of dementia and we as a family believe that the staff here is better trained to manage her care. The facility is large and has lots of outdoor space which was very important to us as mom loves to sit in the sun. She speaks limited English, but luckily there were plenty of employees to talk and bond with her in Spanish; language barriers were not a problem when dealing with staff. Would definitely recommend this facility as the staff is better trained to manage the residents.”
– Norma M.

“It has been a positive experience. My wife Is treated very well and taken care of. She’s very calm, happy and relaxed here. I find the Staff here is very good very responsive and very courteous. if there are any issues concerning my wife the staff here are very on it and contact me all the time. The Front Office Staff are Great! Recently, one of the Nurse at night shift noticed something on my wife and called me right away. The outdoor courtyard is very pleasing. My wife likes that the most. I have a lot of confidence my wife is being taking care of!!”
– Bob C.

“Windsor Palms administration and employees are always professional and helpful. When it comes to long term care, communication is key. Getting to know the personnel has been beneficial to the care that my mother has received over the years. Long term care facilities are not perfect and my constant intervention is needed and important to ensure the care of my mother. I am grateful and appreciative for their willingness to listen.”
– Yolanda R.

“I’d say they’re dependable and take good care of your loved ones.”
– Willie M.

“The staff is invariably accommodating and friendly. They always seem to treat the residents with respect and compassion.”
– Steve E.

“We had great service and would recommend this facility to others. They worked with our family to get our needs met. It’s a clean facility as well.”
– Yolanda J., daughter of resident, Lawrence M.

“The facility was very clean and everybody that I know who came to visit my sister thinks highly of this place.”
– Patricia J., sister of resident, Betty H.